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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brother MFC Maintenance Codes

Press Menu * 2 8 6 4
"Maintenance" appears
01 Parameter Init
11 Configuration List
55 Scan Area Set
66 Media Sensor Adj (Left: 10, Right: 10)
74 Country Code
77 Status Page
88 AMS00
91 Parameter Init
99 Exit


Ahsan Chuhan said...
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Ahsan Chuhan said...

Are there more codes like these? Is there a code for cleaning the printer head? Mine DCP 195C isn't detecting the black cartridge, maybe because it's a bit dry. But I believe that once he run a cleaning process, it should work again. But I can't run the cleaning through the normal way... I'm searching for a Maintenance Code for that. Can anyone help please...